17 October 2007

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Ron Paul - 65 match
Congrats, you have very socially conservative Libertarian...err... Republican points of view. Ron Paul, who is known in Washington as "Dr. No" because of consistently rejects proposals that do not adhere strictly to the original constitution, was once the Libertarian Party's pick for President till he changed sides a few years ago. He's a favorite of technologists and the Internet community mostly for his hands off approach to... well anything.
Dennis Kucinich - 65 match
Denis Kucinich, an Ohio congressman, is a far-left liberal democrat. He has the most extreme proposals for nearly every issue including creating a single-payer system of universal health care; an immediate withdrawal of all U.S. forces from Iraq and replacing them with an international security force; and guaranteeing quality education with free pre-kindergarten and college. He even wants to impeach Vice President Dick Cheney. Needless to say, Kucinich is a no-hope contender.
Mike Gravel - 57 match
Mike Gravel is your chosen candidate. He is a former senator from Alaska who is deeply left-wing and has spent his time since the Senate, which he left in 1980, in the private sector. His credited for his efforts in ending the draft following the Vietnam War and the release of the Pentagon Papers as well. He has been an outspoken proponent of direct democracy, gay rights, and even making it a felony to keep troops in Iraq. Gravel is bringing new ideas to the table but they are only attracting less than 1% of Democrats.
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