24 December 2007

Are you a Paulbot?

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The site owner says the first $2300 collected gets donated to the Ron Paul campaign, the rest will be donated to other groups promoting Dr. Paul!


23 December 2007

I have updated the following post. (http://ronpaul-2008.blogspot.com/2007/12/41-new-donors-in-first-4-hours-of-week.html)

Here is the full text of the update:

UPDATE: AS OF 4:24pm EST, the number of new donors this week is 309. The first post of this was at 4:35am EST. What does that mean? It means that in approximately 12 hours we have had an average of 25 new donors per hour!!! If we extrapolate that out for the week, we could potentially end up with 4200 New Donors this week alone. As time goes on, this number will surely only continue to increase.

Do your part and DONATE TODAY

'Twas one night in December

'Twas one night in December, and all through the land
Not a campaign was stirring, except for one man's.
Bank cards were waiting beside darkened screens,
Prepared for a Party beyond pundits' dreams!

Americans nestled all snug in their beds,
While primary victories danced in their heads.
And mamma in her 'kerchief, and I in my cap,
Had just turned off our screens for a long winter's nap.

When up on You Tube there arose such a clatter,
I sprang from my bed to see what was the matter.
Away to the keyboard I flew in a dash,
To boot up the Windows and fire up the Flash.

Electrons were humming, the hard drives were spinning,
The lights on my laptop were finally beginning,
When, what to my wondering eyes should appear,
But a Peace Blimp empowered by a great engineer!

That Honorable Doctor, inspiring and tall,
I knew in a moment it must be Ron Paul.
More rapid than reindeer, Americans came,
And he spoke to their hearts like he knew them by name!

"You hardworking people, by taxes oppressed!
Come join in our movement! Be free! Find sweet rest!
To the primary polls! Hear the clarion call!
I say Liberty! Justice! and Freedom for All!"

As dry leaves that before the wild hurricane fly,
When they meet with an obstacle, mount to the sky.
So on to the primaries, his followers flew!
Shouting "God Grant Us Freedom!" and "Bless St. Ron, too"!

"Let's bring our boys home! We've got plenty to do!
We've done far too much meddling, we all know it's true!
Non-intervention's our forefathers' plan,"
Dr. Paul said, dismaying the neocon band.

He was dressed in a mantle of Honor and Worth,
The one politician worth following on earth.
In spite of dismissal by TV and papers,
He cut through the fog of Big Media capers.

His eyes - how they twinkle! his logic so brawny!
He owned John McCain and destroyed Guliani!
Stephanopoulous and Medved have nothing to say!
Ron Paul wins again on this cold winter's day!

If you know who wrote this as it is written here, please let me know so I can give them credit. I pulled it off of my Mettup group mailing list. Right now I think the writer is Stefani from Meetup group 1034, but I cannot be certain.

UPDATE: This was written by "Donnok". I received it from Stefani i nthe meetup group.

41 new donors in the first 4 hours of the week


Check it out as of 4:38am Sunday morning, December 23rd, 2007 the Ron Paul donations continue to pour in albeit at a slower
pace. What struck me as interesting though is that this early in the week the number of new donors. Here is a pic:

Well I thought this was cool. That is 10 NEW DONORS PER HOUR :)

Haven't donated yet? Click here and donate today!

UPDATE: AS OF 4:24pm EST, the number of new donors this week is 309. The first post of this was at 4:35am EST. What does that mean? It means that in approximately 12 hours we have had an average of 25 new donors per hour!!! If we extrapolate that out for the week, we could potentially end up with 4200 New Donors this week alone. As time goes on, this number will surely only continue to increase.

Viva la revoluciĆ³n!! Do your part and Donate Today

17 December 2007

CNN Covering Ron Paul

Tucker Carlson Interview with Kent Snyder

$25m by Dec 25th?

Well, here I am thinking again. We are at $18 million, $7 million shy of $25 million ($6.9m really, but who is counting ;) )

What would it take to get $25 million on the books by Dec 25th? Does anyone think that we can accomplish this? We accomplished $6 million in 24 hours, surely we can repeat that $6 million in 8 days after the press puts it all over the news tomorrow and we get thousands of new donors again, no?

Well it is just an Idea I came up with. I am calling it 25x25 or 25bythe25th, whatever...lemme know what you think and if anyone is good at doing this whole organization thing and getting it promoted, well I think it would be neat.

16 December 2007

And the donations keep pouring in...

We have now surpassed the $18 million mark!!!! It is completely awesome. I made a post earlier today (I think it was still last night for me, since I work until midnight PST), in which i said I believed we could hit $20 million by midnight PST. While that is officially after the end of the 24 hour period for which we are talking about the Tea Party, I still think this is possible, and the way the donations keep coming in, I wouldn't be at all surprised if we hit close to $20 million by midnight PST.

Looking at the chart throughout the day all day long today, while I think it is possible to do so, I am not sure it is likely. In all likelyhood, I believe we will hit $18.5 million or maybe $19 million. However, lets all continue to talk to our friends, family, neighbors, enemies and anyone else we meet and share the good news of what we have accomplished today, and if we can afford it, let's all donate again, whether it is $1 or $2300 the amount doesn't matter, just donate whatever you can and let's try to get that $20 million mark by midnight PST!!!

Personally, I think that the 24 hour period for these fundraising days should start at midnight EST and end at Midnight PST. While that is not a true 24 hour period, it makes more sense to me, even though I cannot logically explain why. No matter though, let's keep those donations rolling in and hit $20 million ASAP! $20,000,000 would be an amazing number to see on the Official Website!

Come on now everyone. Let's digg a little deeper and sacrifice tomorrows latté and pack of smokes (or whatever frivolous thing we would normally spend some of our hard earned cash on) and hit that $20 million mark.

Let us also reflect on what we have accomplished today, and pat ourselves on the back, but not too much, because there is still a ton of work to do to make sure we win these caucuses and primaries!!! As a comparison though I thought that you all would be interested in seeing the difference between the media's "Top-Tier" candidate, Huckabee and a real Top-Tier Candidate, Ron Paul. So without further adieu I bring you the graph of Ron Paul vs. Mike Huckabee for December:

3½ hours; $3.5 million

Let's hit that $20 million mark people! We have 3½ hours to raise $3.5 million dollars. This will make us hit the $20 million mark. We can do it. Dig deep and tell your friends. Tell your family, Hell, tell people you don't like. let's get them as excited and motivated as we are to hit the $20 million mark!

This IS achievable, look at everything we have accomplished so far. Ron Paul has the strongest ground crew of any campaign, we have placed more signs around the country, we have the numbers, let's jump on this and do the right thing for Dr. Paul!

Merry Christmas Dr. Paul! We're going to hit $20 million for you!

$16 million and counting

That's right, We just hit the $16 million mark. It is not only great, but beautiful! There have been 108,887 donors so far this quarter, 16,886 of which are new donors this week alone!!! With that, we have also broken the record for what we raised in the last money bomb! It is truly exciting in the Ron Paul camp!

With that said, I would like to extend my personal thanks to all of you that are donating. Who am I? I am a nobody, just a regular citizen like yourself, but I feel that we all owe each other a big pat on the back, however, don't be so fast with that back patting.

On the West Coast, we have 7.5 hours til "our" midnight and 4.5 hours left on the east coast. Let's do our best to really ramp this thing up some more and pony up a little more each. I have just made my 3rd donation today, and while they are not as large as some, they are actually more than I can afford right now, but I am sacrificing a few things I can live without for 4 days until payday to make sure I give as much as possible to Dr. Paul's campaign.

Let's make this happen. Let's dedicate ourselves, our group, our movement to raising $1 million or more per hour every hour until midnight on both coasts! This will not only be a huge amount of money, it will be a grassroots tour de force and it will help ensure that our man is plastered all over every news station and website around the world.

Come on Everybody, let's all digg deep for that extra few bucks, pick up the cushions on your sofa, take all your change to a coinstar machine, take your aluminum cans and newspapers to a recycling place, whatever it takes! Let's get Ron Paul over $20 million tonight!

If you haven't donated yet, please take a minute and do so now by CLICKING HERE

Ron Paul vs. Huckabee et al.

Check this out fellow Ron Paul supporters:

The new Presidential "media darling" Mike Huckabee has set a goal of $1,150,000 for December. His current total as of December 16th at 9:58am PST is 1,157,098.18. And they call this guy the "Front-Runner", call him a "Top-Tier" Candidate? Give me a break.

Let's take a look at the REAL Front-Runner, the REAL top-tier Candidate for President. The man that has a following so incredibly large that the media and the other Candidates can't even comprehend it. That's right, I am talking about Rudy Giuliani...OK not really, I am talking about Barack Obama. Again, just kidding, he is apparently having trouble fundraising as well. He is now asking for people to Match someone elses first donation.

Who I am talking about is, of course, Ron Paul, the next President of The United States. In Just 12 hours we have brought in OVER DOUBLE the amount that the beleaguered Huckabee campaign has brought in for the whole month. The Giuliani campaign is in trouble as well. It is falling out of the sky like a jet without engines, Romney is doing so bad that he has to continually "loan" his campaign more and more money just to stay afloat ($17 million on the 11th from what I understand). What about McCain, well he is also on the way out.

The media can no longer deny that Ron Paul is the Real Deal. He is the only one that can beat Hillary or Obama or any of the Democrats for that matter.

At the time of this post, some 15 minutes after I started writing this (I was also talking on the phone, etc., yes I know this isn't a 15 minute article LOL), Ron Paul's total has went up another $113,000.

I bet Huckabee, Giuliani, McCain, Romney, Clinton, Obama and all the others are opening that bottle of JJD and taking a big drink right now. They Iknow they cannot win against someone like Ron Paul. They are scared and they don't know what to do.

Take a minute out of your time today and:


$2.25± million in 9 hours

The R3VOLution is in full swing and we have raised right about $2.25 million in 9 hours. Donation speed will pick up over the rest of the day and we are on track at this rate to bring in a cool $6 million. I am predicting that people will digg deep though and push that total to $10 million. What I would like to see however (and it is certainly do-able is a one day total of:

$13 Million

If you haven't donated already, take a few minutes out of your busy schedule, sacrifice that Latté you were going to buy, those sodas that you just can't live without. Sacrifice your morning doughnuts, McDonalds food, your evening out at the club partying or whatever you really like but can go one day without and take however much that would be, whether it is $1 or $100 or more and


Let's show the shady Pollsters, yes I am talking to you Frank Luntz, Naysayers like Boll O'Reilly et al. that it is NOT they that tell the citizens of this great country who will be our next President, but it is WE, THE PEOPLE that decide who will be our next president whether or not they agree.



EDIT I guess that is 12 hours. I forgot it started at midnight EASTERN Time :/ Obvously I am on the West Coast

15 December 2007

Is Ron Paul the $20million dollar man?

629989.08 in the first 2 hours of Tea Party '07. That is a lot of cash in a short time!

If we extrapolate that out and assume that donations merely stay steady for the remainder of the day, we can make an educated guess that We will raise a grand total of $7,559868.96 for the day, a truly record breaking day! HOWEVER, it would be unsafe to assume that donations will stay steady over the course of the day as evidenced by the graph at

It is clear that however donations start, they only increase over the course of the day. In the first 2 hours of the Nov. 5th event, we raised approximately $250,000. We have already raised 2.5x that today in the first 2 hours. We could extrapolate that out to $4.3m x 2.5 and come up with $10,750,000 for the day, this would be only $750,000± less than we started with.

It is my personal opinion that we can RAISE $13 million today and put our 4th quarter total at $24± million by the end of the day. That would certainly make even the staunchest nay sayer stand up and take notice.

Let's do this. Let's all dig deep and Make Dr. Paul's Christmas extra special by making his total for the 4th Quarter over $24 million!


13 December 2007

New Hampshire Phone Bank - URGENT!


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New Hampshire Phone Bank - URGENT!

Go to BallotBase.org a Libertarian website that wants to help Ron Paul and sign up and use the time you have to help out!!!

Can you spot the Ron Paul sign?

Screenshot from ESPN coverage of a Michigan football game.

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Less than $600,000 to go for freedom!

The $12 million goal has almost been reached. Just in time to celebrate at the Boston Tea Party!

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Rise, Consise, Krookid -Ron Paul 2008

Original Here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SVrszyW9dPE

08 December 2007

Ron Paul to Bush: No Escalation With Iran

In the face of the National Intelligence Estimate stating that Iran has stopped pursuing nuclear weapons, the administration has continued to ramp up its rhetoric with Iran. The following speech on bombing Iran – made by Ron Paul to Congress on February 6, 2007 – shows that Ron Paul had the foresight to reject escalation with Iran:

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07 December 2007

First Ridiculed then Attacked as threat,then President. Ron

RonPaulRevolution2008.com for a Change as WeAreChange.com

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Tucker on Ron Paul Blimp

Tucker Carlson discusses the Ron Paul blimp as well as the Revolution in our country. FANTASTIC!

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CNN: Ron Paul Blimp reported on Wolf's show

Some great coverage of the Ron Paul Blimp that verified the project with the owner of the blimp company. They said they would keep an eye on this project.

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06 December 2007

Ron Paul - the one who can't win?

In West Virginia, delegates to the February 5th Republican state convention are being registered. Guess who has the most delegates supporting him?

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Ron Paul Within Margin of 3rd Place in National Poll

Ron Paul is in a statistical dead heat for 3rd place in the latest nationwide Rasmussen poll.

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Ron Paul Places Second in San Diego

Tonight at the San Diego GOP Straw Poll, held at the prestigious Country Club of Rancho Bernardo, Dr. Paul placed second only to Mitt Romney.The organizers of this event are certainly to be congratulated for their style and class.

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C.I.A. Admits It Destroyed Tapes of Harsh Interrogations

They were destroyed in part because officers were concerned that tapes documenting controversial interrogation methods could expose agency officials to greater risk of legal jeopardy, several officials said.

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One Of The BEST Videos I have seen so far!

Presidential Candidate Ron Paul Bears Empty Pot For American

Ron Paul, like Ling, is a great truth-teller. His voting record is one of the most consistentthis writer has ever seen. No flip-flops are to be found. As well, he is a courageous and wise man, and a heck of an economist. Just ask the Wall Streeters.

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The Ron Paul Convoy

Touching story about the next President of the United States, Ron Paul!

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Ron Paul and the Tea Party '07 - Let's win this thing

We ALL want to see Dr. Paul hit the 12 million+ mark and we know it will happen on the 16th of December. It is simply something that WILL happen. I think that we should do our best however to hit that $12million dollar mark before December 16th. Dec 16/17 will be a media frenzy anyway, but even more so if on the 16th we are starting at the Goal for the whole Quarter and then raise an extra 5-10million or more.

"Shock & Awe". Let's pull out all stops and do everything we can to make Ron Paul a household and even schoolyard name. It is time the citizens of the U.S.A. hold the Government accountable to the people as it is supposed to be.

Vote Ron Paul 2008!

Ron Paul Bears Empty Pot For Americans

This is a profoundly true assessment of what is going on with the Ron Paul 2008 campaign.

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05 December 2007

Ron Paul wins Virginia GOP straw poll

Texas congressman won with 38%. Former Tennessee Sen. Fred Thompson finished 2nd with 23%, former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee was 3rd with 11%. Mitt Romney got 9%, Sen. John McCain got 5%, California congressman Duncan Hunter got 4% and Colorado congressman Tom Tancredo finished with 1%.Digg: /2008_us_elections/AOL_Huckabee_Gains_Ground_in_GOP_Race

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Political Radar: Jon Stewart Respects Ron Paul

"You appear to have consistent principled integrity," Stewart said. "Americans don't usually go for that,"

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A Blizzard In Iowa And Ron Paul Could Take The Whole Thing?

The Hill reports that while Ron Paul’s libertarianism may more suit the “Live Free or Die” voter in New Hampshire the fervor of his support could lead to a surprising result for Paul in the Iowa Caucuses

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Ron Paul’s leadership bolstered by NIE on Iran

Republican Presidential candidate, Ron Paul, stood out from the crowd of GOP rivals and the major Democratic rivals running for president as the only candidate to reject a pre-emptive attack and emphasized peace and diplomacy.

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The Ron Paul Car!

Just as the title says, the Ron Paul Car. A Houstonian that was apathetic to presidiential elections prior to Ron Paul has been so inspired by the Ron Paul Revolution that he covered his entire car in Ron Paul bumper stickers.

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Ron Paul : Don't tread on me

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Rudy visits Kentucky, greeted by Ron Paul supporters - AGAIN

Rudy visits Kentucky for fundraiser, greeted by Ron Paul supporters - AGAIN

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Newt Gingrich righthand man thinks Ron Paul takes Iowa

Matt Towery served as the chairman of former Speaker Newt Gingrich's political organization from 1992 until Gingrich left Congress. He is a former Georgia state representative, the author of several books and currently heads the polling and political information firm InsiderAdvantageexplains the unique landscape of Iowa and how Ron Paul benefits.

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PROOF: Why Ron Paul has low polling numbers [AUDIO]

Note that at the end of the call, the caller pushes #6, not #7 (if you have a landline you can verify this by comparing the sound of each number on a touch tone phone).

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Ron Paul: Right on Iran

everyone knows how to kill their neighbor. But we don't kill people for knowing how to kill. Under Bush's new policy of invading nations for simply knowing how to build a nuclear weapon, every nation on Earth is now a target. Ron Paul understands that America cannot afford to make the same mistakes with Iran that were made with Iraq.”

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Ron Paul on 'The View'

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SF Straw Poll Cancelled - Too Many Ron Paul Supporters

SF Straw PollI paid my $33 for the dinner and v... (more) Added: December 05, 2007 SF Straw PollI paid my $33 for the dinner and vote. A $5 option was also offered to vote after the festivities. We patiently listened to the guest speaker support Fred Thompson and talk on the issues of water and budget problems in California. They then hel

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'Twas the Night Before Ron Paul - A Christmas Poem for Ron!

I was inspired by the beloved American poem, to promote Tea Party '07. Teaser:"His eyes - how they twinkle! his logic so brawny!He owned John McCain and destroyed Guliani!(of the constitution:)"Just read it!" he cried out, to one and to all!"I'm it's champion!" he told them, "My name is Ron Paul!" Send this one to your family and friends!

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'Twas the Night Before Ron Paul - A Christmas Poem for Ron!

I was inspired by the beloved American poem, to promote Tea Party '07. Teaser:"His eyes - how they twinkle! his logic so brawny!He owned John McCain and destroyed Guliani!(of the constitution:)"Just read it!" he cried out, to one and to all!"I'm it's champion!" he told them, "My name is Ron Paul!" Send this one to your family and friends!

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Will Ron Paul Double His Record Breaking $4 Million?

Ron Paul broke the record for online funds raised in one day on November 5th, pulling in $4.3 million via the unaffiliated "money bomb" donation drive. Current donation rates for the "Ron Paul Tea Party" donation day on the 16th of December suggest he will once again break that record and may even be able to double it.

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Another poll shows Ron Paul within margin of error of Romney

LA Times national poll shows Ron Paul statistically tied with Romney. Why is Romney a "top-tier" and Ron Paul not?

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Bush says Iran still a threat despite the lack of evidence

So what if Bush accused Iran of provoking World War III despite the fact that the White House had evidence to the contrary? The president called on US allies to step up pressure on Iran. "The best way to ensure that the world is peaceful in the future is for the international community to continue to work together to say to the Iranians we are goi

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Bush Lies His Ass Off, Claims He Didn't Know About Iran NIE

Apparently the President would have us believe that he "wasn't briefed" on the NIE until last week, even though he admits he was told that there was new intelligence on Iran back in August. Does he really think Americans are THAT dumb?

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SF Straw Poll Cancelled - Too Many Ron Paul Supporters

SF Straw PollI paid my $33 for the dinner and v... (more) Added: December 05, 2007 SF Straw PollI paid my $33 for the dinner and vote. A $5 option was also offered to vote after the festivities. We patiently listened to the guest speaker support Fred Thompson and talk on the issues of water and budget problems in California. They then hel

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03 December 2007

Official Flight Plan Released For Ron Paul Blimp!

The Launch Day for the blimp its December 12th! This has Detailed Dates and Times of the entire flight plan! Now that you know where exactly the blimp will be, why not donate and reserve a spot? Please Digg this to get Maximum Coverage & Donations!

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Can the U.S. Return to a Gold Standard?

"It is time for straight talk. It is time for Honest Money."VERY long, in-depth article done in 2005 with a mention of Ron Pauls struggle before we knew him at the end of the article.

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Ron Paul Gets Web Ad Hug from Freedom Loving PAC

Thanks to Americans United for Freedom PAC, they ran 12,000 impressions of this ad endorsing the Web grassroots phenom's presidential bid on Drudge Report, according to Nielsen Online, AdRelevance. The ads linked to the GOP underdog's official campaign site. The organization has also run TV spots for Paul.

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Please Ignore Ron Paul 2.0

The "Please Ignore Ron Paul" #1 Digg top story all began with 1 man reading 1 sign. DANG. 1 sign started it all this for this dude. He writes 1 story and millions read. Time to make your own "GOOGLE RON PAUL" sign(s). Print on legal. Stick in windows. Stick up everywhere. Freeway overhead fences. Etc.

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Help Protect 2008 Election NOW - Action Alert VoiceOfTheVoters.Org

rIf we can't prove OUR Vote then all the work for candidates may be meaningless. NJ is latest who may prevent REAL proof of Vote. One State Senator is acting to better ensure verifiability.Gov Corzine and the AG seek to undercut.Stop NJ from being no way to prove vote. ACT www.opednews.com/articles/opedne_james_st_071201_tic_toc_tic_toc__22mar.htm

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1 Million Signatures for Ron Paul

Sign your name in support of Ron Paul. All advertising proceeds will be donated to the campaign December 16th (Tea Party 2008). Pass this along to all your friends...

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Ron Paul's candidacy has caught the attention of many

Passionate support from local residents has created more local visibility for RP's campaign than for some more mainstream candidates. RP's surging popularity nationwide by "netroots" campaigns and his campaign working the Internet the way JFK took advantage of the new medium of television in his '60 presidential campaign gives RP a fighting chance.

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Ron Paul's candidacy has caught the attention of many

Passionate support from local residents has created more local visibility for RP's campaign than for some more mainstream candidates. RP's surging popularity nationwide by "netroots" campaigns and his campaign working the Internet the way JFK took advantage of the new medium of television in his '60 presidential campaign gives RP a fighting chance.

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Ron Paul Rep Gives Highly Persuasive Speech at Virginia Straw Poll

At the Virginia Straw Poll Attorney Chris Kachouroff speaks on behalf of Ron Paul. Bravo!

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Ron Paul - CNN Late Edition 12-02-07

Great interview of Ron Paul on CNN's Late Edition with Wolf Blitzer - Runtime 10:56

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One last report on the CNN/YouTube Republican debate polling: Ron Paul wins

For the Republican presidential ‘debate’ that took place last November 28th, CNN has a poll of seven questions regarding the debate. Click here if you would like to participate in that poll. The results of the seven question poll as of circa 12/02@2315 MST are:

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Pledge to vote for Ron Paul in the primaries

As I have previously mentioned in Red Pills, the time for us voters to have the most say in who is going to be on the ballot this coming November (2008), is during the primaries. In order for Ron Paul to be on the November ballot he has to win in the Republican primaries (he will not run on a third-party ticket).

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Volunteer needed to maintain Ron Paul's profile @ Write In Your Vote.com!

We need a volunteer to maintain Ron's profile at Write In Your Vote.com, if anyone is interested, please leave a comment.Ron Paul in '08!

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Ron Paul is blowing up real good | Salon News

June 2007 Salon article with some of the Ron Paul policy stances, campaign finance info, etc..

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AOL Polls Final Results: Who Would You Like 2 See Win Republican Nomination

Fair or unfair CNN, AOL asked its users after Republican Presidential Youtube debate:Who would you like to see win the Republican presidential nomination? Finals results out of 242,888 votes: Dr. Ron Paul wins poll with 25% or 60,204 votes. Rudy Giuliani is second with 20% or 47,858 votes and Mike Huckabee is third with 18%. (&pollId=127058)

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Paul Expects Over $12M in 4th Quarter

The Revolution begins... Ron Paul is putting out the clarion callThe Navy Gunner hears it loud and clear...Freedom and Liberty do not come cheap,Vote Ron Paul 2008

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Ron Paul - Great Radio Interview - Spread the news Folks!!

Ron Paul gives a great radio interview and you are the foot soldiers spreading the news. Get the word out. Pass this to people you know, this has to be done by us, the media doesn't believe. Of the people, by the people and FOR the people. Support the CONSTITUTION!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Hell Yeah, Dr. No! - Why New York likes Republican Ron Paul

Exactly when did New York turn into Ron Paul country? The ostensible front-runners for both parties are locals, yet when was the last time you saw a Rudy or Hillary button? No to the USA Patriot Act. No to the war in Iraq—Paul is the only Republican candidate to oppose the war from the beginning. “Read the Constitution,” he likes to say..

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02 December 2007

Des Moines Register openly displays anti- Ron Paul bias.

If you thought the New York Times and Washington Post were bad: Despite the doctor's success in Iowa, he will be excluded from 8 editorials comparing candidates on important issues. It's not hard to figure out why this paper's circulation has dropped to below 150K. Is this a local bias or did the order come down from their Gannett masters?

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Ron Paul Calls CNN Out for Being ‘Biased’ in Debate

Boy, was CNN ever psyched about a Ron Paul interview they had on their site—a major traffic driver for CNN.com!—the day of the CNN/YouTube Republican debate, CNN’s John Roberts tells Paul in this clip from the channel’s post-debate coverage Wednesday. Paul, seemingly nonplused, points out that he was summarily and unfairly ignored until close to t

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Giuliani supporter says to RP supporter: "you will get hurt"

Tony DiMatteo, chairman of Pinellas County Republican Executive Committee, and a Giuliani supporter, tells a female Ron Paul supporter after she complained about Romney supporters voting for Romney 80 times each: "if you make a big deal out of this, you will get hurt."

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Get Ron Paul into double digit realm!

Title says it all.

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Ron Paul 2008 › Gun Owners for Ron Paul › Ron Paul’s 2n

Ron Paul's voting record in the House of Representatives. How he voted on 2nd Amendment Legislation.

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Vote Ron Paul

Opposes Bush plan allowing workers to divert some Social Security payroll taxes into private retirement accounts. Proposes cutting payroll taxes and allowing workers to invest the money themselves. Says excessive government spending is the cause of Social Security insolvency problems. Opposes all taxation of Social Security benefits.

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Ron Paul: 'Isolationism isn't what I advocate'

Ron Paul may not be reeling from that criticism that John McCain unloaded on him at the Republican debate the other night, but he found himself explaining it today on the same cable network that hosted the debate.

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10 million for Ron Paul on Dec. 16

100,000 people commit $100 each to Ron Paul - teaparty07.com

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"Hitler caused WW II, not the American People" - Ron Paul

Ron Paul responds to John McCain's claims that "isolationism" caused World World War II on Late Edition w/ Wolf Blitzer. The interview also covers foreign policy and Paul's Fundraising.

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Ron Paul raises $10.5 Million so far in Fourth Quarter

Republican Candidate Ron Paul is on pace to exceed $12 Million raised for his Presidential Campaign in the fourth quarter of 2007. Currently Ron Paul has raised approximately $10.5 Million Dollars as of December 2. Ron Paul, speaking on CNN's Late Edition today said that "people" are ready for a change.

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Ron Paul Likely To Reach $12 Million Fundraising Mark In Fourth Quarter (FOX News)

Republican Ron Paul said Sunday his upstart presidential campaign is on track to raise more than $12 million this quarter, boldly predicting the Iowa polls "are going to continue to shift" once he's finished spending it all.

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CBS ignores Ron Paul in upcoming spotlight on GOP candidates

As seen on The Daily Paul, CBS News is intentionally excluding Ron Paul in an upcoming video feature. Their site has ads from all candidates, including Duncan Hunter, Tom Tancredo, and even Mike Gravel, but Ron Paul is mysteriously left out.

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Beware of Boston Tea Party '07 "Back-ups"--Ron Paul Supporters Please Read!

Make sure the RonPaul2008.com website doesn't get backed up at the end of the day on December 16th, slowing down the processing of contributions (re:5th). Make sure they count for December 16th, not the 17th. As for me and my house? We'll donate shortly after midnight. Don't know what I'm talking about? www.teaparty07.com -be a part of History!

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Long shot Paul pushes individual freedoms

Paul, who ran for president as a Libertarian in 1988 and received fewer than 500,000 votes, shies away from predicting how well he'll do in the Jan. 3 Iowa caucuses other than to say "the higher the better." Despite polling in the single digits, Paul's use of phrases like "top three finish" suggest that he has upset on his mind.

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This is more on Ron Paul replying in detail to John McCain's words during the debates and other comments Paul made.

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Ron Paul leaves impression on college students at football game

The annual “Mud Bowl” game, which is organized by students, took a back seat as the players stopped their game to come over and meet Paul. “Every decision he makes is based on the Constitution,” Jeff Comar said. “I also respect him for his view on Iraq. He’s the only one with the guts to say we shouldn’t be there and we need to get out now.”

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Doubt Ron Paul's Foreign Policy? Check this out!

Neocons have always been skeptical of Ron Paul's assertion that our interventionism (more like adventurism) breeds anti-American sentiment that manifests itself as terrorism. Heck even Ron Paul supporters at times question the arguments validity. Well here's what the experts have to say.Direct:http://dissentradio.com/radio/07_06_01_pape.mp3

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US says it has right to kidnap British citizens - Times Online

All your citizens are belong to us

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Wake Up Call, U.S. Elections 2008. Everyone, please read and DIGG

Wake up! The elections are coming...If you're going to sit on your ass and let your country go with the choice of the lazy masses, we'll get another president who will fuck up our country even more... it's going to be ugly...

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Ron Paul slams McCain on Iraq

john McCain fails to understand the history he was taught

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Ron Paul on poverty

Ron Paul outlines his plan to stop poverty go on qube tv

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Paul: Echoes of 3rd-party campaigns - the Ron Paul Party?

Ron Paul, R-Texas, riding a wave of online giving and voter dissatisfaction, has become a player in the presidential campaign, The Los Angeles Times said.One dedicated supporter of the libertarian leaning Texan is an artist who was willing to bike across the nation for Paul's campaign. A Colorado supporter was raising funds for a Ron Paul blimp.

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Ron Paul Storms Virgina Straw Poll


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Please Ignore Ron Paul.

An Open letter to ‘Old Media’ to please continue to ignore Republican Candidate Ron Paul.

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01 December 2007

Rudy G to Dr. Paul - You have a lt of supporters out there

Check it out, Even Rudy understands that the People are behind Ron Paul. There is no stopping the juggernaut that is the Ron Paul r3VOLution

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Foot soldiers for the Ron Paul revolution

At last! Mainstream media doing real reporting about the Ron Paul Revolution.

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The Ron Paul Blimp a reality

The Ron Paul Revolution really, really wants a blimp. They're closing in on half a million in donations, when the original goal was $350,000.

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What's the Deal with Ron Paul?

Tucker Carlson, host of MSNBC's Tucker, speaks to NPR about the diverse support from people left to right and fund raising abilities that make Giuliani and Romney cry! ."These are not fundraisers [Ron Paul] is holding. These are legitimate spontaneous fund raising events help online. It's UNBELIEVABLE!"

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The Ron Paul Blimp is ready to fly. Pledges are met, time to give.

The Pledge has been met and its now time to get the very first ever Presidential Candidate blimp into the air. If you pledged money, it's now time to pay up. If you never heard of this go check it out and give a few bucks. Any extra money will be used to keep the blimp in the air longer. There's even a raffle for rides! Time to digg and give

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Proof Ron Paul's Popularity is NOT Inflated!

With multiple sources referenced to prove Ron Paul's popularity is real, the skeptics may just stop being skeptical with this issue.

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Ron Paul’s internet popularity jumps 63%

Ron Paul isn’t even in the same league when it comes to internet traffic anymore. He has soared so far past the other two top-tier candidates that laughing is no longer appropriate.

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30 November 2007

Amazing Documentary on RON PAUL!!!!!

Do your duty as an American voter and make an informed decision. See what Ron Paul stands for. USE DIGG TO SAVE OUR COUNTRY!!!

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Ron Paul's Official As He Speaks to Sold-Out Crowd

Charleston, SC - As Ron Paul, Republican presidential candidate and Texas congressman, speaks to a sold out crowd at the College of Charleston, two states make him an official candidate.

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Boy you have a lot of supporters out there

After the debate, Rudy Giuliani and Ron Paul chatted and Dr. Paul relayed the details of that chat to an eagerly awaiting audience. This is what Dr. Paul said went down.

Rudy and he were talking and The conversation went something like this:

Rudy Giuliani: "Boy you have a lot of supporters out there"
Ron Paul : "Yes, but Rudy (covers mouth with hand as he says "oh!") do you know that it's only beginning"

Absolutely hilarious! Check out the Video below!

Original Video at YouTube: YouTube (Direct Link)

RonPaul Applauds Generosity of Americans towards Iraqi Boy

November 30, 2007 2:15 pm EST

ARLINGTON, VIRGINIA—Republican presidential candidate Ron Paul, a 10-term Texas congressman and advocate of military non-interventionism overseas, has condemned the war in Iraq but praised American humanitarian and commercial efforts helping to bring peace to the Iraqi people.

Thursday morning, a five-year-old Iraqi boy named Youssif, was afforded an important and life-altering surgery by CNN.com readers, the Grossman Burn Center in Los Angeles, California, and the Children’s Burn Foundation. More than $300,000 was raised to bring the Iraqi boy, whose face was severely scarred after being doused with gas and set on fire in Baghdad this January, and his family to America two months ago. Dr. Peter Grossman, a plastic surgeon with the Grossman Burn Center, has donated his services to repair the scarring to the young boy’s face.

Congressman Paul today issued the following statement in support of Dr. Grossman and the generous contributors:

“I often state that America’s greatest characteristic is not our military might, but rather the individual generosity and kindness of our people. Many have thanked God for it, in many different languages, and I am continually moved by the countless acts of humanitarianism by American citizens. Today, I have the pleasure of commending Dr. Peter Grossman, the Grossman Burn Center, Children’s Burn Foundation, and CNN readers who have forever changed Youssif’s life and given him hope after surviving an unthinkable and heinous attack. Their remarkable generosity is a testament to the global goodwill of the American people. Youssif himself is a reminder to us that we must not isolate ourselves from people in nations we perceive to be against us. That human connection must always be in our hearts and minds, as it certainly is with Youssif and his family. My family and I wish Youssif a safe and peaceful recovery.”

CNN first brought Youssif’s story to light nearly three months ago.

Reprinted from: http://www.ronpaul2008.com/press-releases/52/ron-paul-appluads-american-generosity-towards-iraqi-boy

12 November 2007

Canvassing for Ron Paul

Hey Everyone, I am going to be using my days off to go out and Canvas an area with Ron Paul information. If you live in the Wenatchee/East Wenatchee Area and are (or want to be) a part of the Ron Paul meetup group and help me out, that would be great news.

Here is the link to our meetup group (http://ronpaul.meetup.com/787)

Below you will find a map of the areas that I have canvassed so far. The green is my currently planned area and the blue is the area that I have covered so far.

So, today was the first day and I admittedly got started late. Here are the results of today's efforts though

  1. Handed out a bunch of Ron Paul Slim Jims.
  2. Everyone that I talked to was very pleasant
  3. All but 3 people took the Slim Jim. The 3 that didn't said the following:

    • "Is he a Democrat or Republican?" and then were not interested when they found out he was a republican
    • "I am already well informed about the candidates"
    • "We are not interested in politics here"

    For those that were not interested I thanked them anyway and wished them well. There were zero negative reactions.
  4. The second to last person I visited was already a Ron Paul supporter like us, and wants to join the meetup group. He invited me in and we had a nice conversation about Dr. Paul and politics. It was very exciting to say the least. I am excited to see him at the next meetup on Nov. 25th.

So, that is how the day went. If there is a way I can share this so others that are willing to door to door canvassing I will do so, otherwise, if you are doing door-to-door then please map it out at maps.google.com, save the map and send me the link and I will add your efforts to my map. This map updates automatically, so please bookmark the page and come back and see how I am doing.

View Larger Map

Vote Online for Ron Paul!!!

Please go here and vote for Ron Paul!!!!

Vote for Ron Paul here <--click

06 November 2007

Want to embed this on your own site? Copy and paste the code below.

<object id="W471816903456b4ae" width="490" height="201" quality="high" data="http://www.ronpaul2008.com/features/twelve/twelve.swf?v=1" pluginspage="http://www.macromedia.com/go/getflashplayer" type="application/x-shockwave-flash" wmode="transparent"><param name="wmode" value="transparent" /><param name="movie" value="http://www.ronpaul2008.com/features/twelve/twelve.swf?v=1" /><param name="scaleMode" value="showAll" />

05 November 2007

3.7million - 9:20PM EST


As of 9:20 PM EST the number above is the total raised so far today in the 5th Of November moneybomb. That is correct 3.7 MILLION!!!

I got that number by taking the current total from the website and subtracting from it the beginning number as reported by the WSJ.

"Paul tracks his donations in real time on his web site. The clock started ticking at midnight when current donations were listed at $2,773,017.02. At the time of this posting — eight hours into the 24 hour effort — he had raised more than $1 million for a total of $3,805,615. In the time it took to write this post, he raised more than $30,000. The campaign has set a $12 million fundraising goal for the fourth quarter, which ends Dec. 31"

What a total, and with just under 3 hours to go, we may well hit the $4 million mark!!!

With that said, let's do this again at Christmas. A Dec. 25th Moneybomb. Merry Christmas Dr. Paul!

5th of November...25th of December!!!

Hello again friends,

The November 5th Moneybomb for Dr. Paul is fantastic. Last time I checked it was at 3+ million for the day. Wish I had thought of that idea!!! :)

So I figure now, why don't we piggyback on that idea and make 25 December another moneybomb day for Dr. Paul? We could call it Christmas for Dr. Paul or something. I am sure that someone much more capable than myself could promote this and we could raise at least 6 million next month!!!! Let's put Dr. Paul over the top and do another moneybomb on the 25th of December!

Merry Christmas Dr. Paul! Merry Christmas!

02 November 2007

Mmmmm..... Skydiving

OK people, as you all know my girlfriend and I are trying to open a Drop Zone in our area. This is an expensive endeavor and quite honestly, I could use some help. I created a "Chip-In" and have posted it on Digg, with abysmal results to date..

So, I thought it time I add some more information and post the link to help us out again. I know this is an odd way of trying to raise the money to start a business, but what the heck. Each dollar we raise through chip-in will be returned to the chip-in community by us donating to other chip-ins once the business is up and running. Not a bad deal I think.

So what is this "more information" you mentioned Zag?

Well, I now have the logo for the business, or at least a potential logo to show everyone. The name depends on what the girlfriend thinks and perhaps there is a better name as well? Hmmm, a Contest! What a interesting idea. For each $20 you donate, you will be allowed to submit a potential business name and/or logo that will be looked at by myself and my girlfriend and voted upon. If we decide to use it, we will use the first $1000 that we give out to the Chip-In or Charity of your choice. Not a bad deal! Additionally, we will be posting all of the potentials on the business website as well as the name of every person who helped to make this possible.

If we choose a logo that you created, in addition to the $1000 we will donate on your behalf to either Chip-In or a Charity, you will be given a Gift Certificate for a free tandem skydive at our business. And to further sweeten the pot, the person who donates the most will be given a gift certificate for a free tandem skydive at our place of business as well.

So, without further adieu, here is the idea:

We would love to hear your thoughts on the potential name and logo, and see you submit some of your own.

Here are the Chip-In Details

Here's a Video of me having some fun trying to learn to Sit Fly and getting to do my First (BEER!) Canopy Stack:

1) If we don't raise $150,000 then we will use the money to help get a loan to start the business. In this case we would need to raise only $30,000

2) If we do not raise enough to start the business either with the full amount, or via the contributions plus a loan, we will refund all money contributed either directly or via Chip-In (whichever you choose)

3) If we cannot start the business, Skdiving Gift Certificate offer is not valid, because we would have no way to accomidate your skydive

4) I think I covered the scenarios there, but if I didn't cover every poential, it should be known that this is a serious venture. If we are unable to open the business no gift certificates will be given, and contributions will be returned to those that contributed or put into another chip-in based on your preference.

5) As of today, here are approximately 6 months left in this Chip-In. We need to raise approximately $800/day to reach our goal. if we can get 10,000 people, that is ONLY $.08/dayper person or approximately $15 per person over the course of 6 months. It is NOT that much. At 1,000 people, that is $.83/day or $25/month or $150/person over the course of 6 months. We CAN do this, the goal is small in comparison to other goals that we have set as Ron Paul Supporters. If we can raise 2.5million in a month for Ron Paul, raising $150k in 6 months should be a piece of cake.

Vote Ron Paul 2008! Let's not only get Dr. Paul elected as President, but let's help each other out in business endeavors as well.

Thanks for Reading and all contributions, no matter the size are sincerely welcomed and apprecaited!

Kind Regards,

Greg (AKA Zag)

31 October 2007

6 hours....434,000

Can we, fellow Ron Paul supporters, raise $434,000 in just 6 hours? That is just over $1200/minute. I say we go for it and see if we can't hit $3million this month....


30 October 2007

Ron Paul Meetup Groups - MAP

Meetup group maps for some of the Presidential Candidates....Isn't it amazing how few meetup groups there are for Rudy, Hillary, Obama compared to Ron Paul? OK, no it is not amazing at all. Ron Paul is great, and the others are a disgrace to this country and themselves.


26 October 2007

Drop Zone, Part II

Some people have asked me "Zag, what exactly is a drop zone?" So I thought I would explain it here as well as make an update so that I could resubmit it to the proper sites as well as explain how I plan on not only making ChipIn work for me, but help others as well.

A Drop Zone is simply a place where people that Skydive can go to...well, Skydive :) Where I am located there is not a place to skydive within 2 hours in any direction, so I would like to create that business here. It is a tourist area, so there will be plenty of customers during the summer months.

OK, that's cool, but $150,000? That is a lot of money. True!, $150k is indeed a lot of money, but for that money this is what we will be purchasing:

  • 1 Cessna 182 (used, older)
  • 4 tandem skydiving rigs
  • 4 student skydiving rigs
  • Misc. Drop Zone related gear (goggles, jumpsuits, etc.)

Sounds dangerous!!!. Yeah, it does sound dangerous and in some ways it is. You are exiting an aircraft at 10,000 feet in the air, so in that respect it is dangerous, however, the training for people that skydive is also intense and more than anything SAFETY comes first.

So Zag, you mentioned how you were going to use ChipIn to help others as well, how do you plan to do that?

I plan on using ChipIn to help others by using a percentage of monthly profit to donate to other ChipIn's like this one (example) to make their Chipin a reality.

So how much are you planning on chipping in Zag

I am making a promise to chipin to other projects the same amount that I raise in my own chipin, so If I raise $150k, then I will chipin money to to other projects until I have chipped in $150k. If I raise $30k, then I will chip in $30k.

The goal for me is to get my business off the ground and up and running and then contributing to helping others with their projects whatever they may be with a portion of my own profits.

OK Zag, that's cool and all but why $150k instead of say the $30k you would need to go and get a bank loan for the rest?

Good question. I thought long and hard about this before I decided to make the ChipIn thing. The answer is, what would I really feel better about? Would I feel better about borrowing $120-150k from the bank and then paying that back with interest over the course of 10+ years, or would I feel better not having to pay back the bank and maybe helping someone else start their business, or funding other projects that people might need money for? Well, I feel that I would be much happier being indebtted to my fellow man and paying that back by helping others much like I am asking people for help to get my business started.

Feel free to ask me any questions. I will always answer them even if it takes a day or two :)




Well, since my last post "Seven Days" We have raised just about $500,000. $500,000 isn't bad in 2 days, not by a long shot, but we have $1.7m to go! Make sure to get the word out to all your friends, we need to pull in another $1.7m this month if at all possible

RON PAUL 2008!

24 October 2007


There are 7 days left in the month. Want to hit the $4mil goal? Well, we need to raise $2.22mil in 7 days. I know that we can accomplish this goal. Let your friends and family know, let strangers know, Let's get $4million this month for the Ron Paul campaign!

22 October 2007

Money; who, what, how, why?

Mitt Romney
Total Receipts:$62,829,068
Transfers From Authorized Committees:$20,159
Individual Contributions:$44,485,016
Non-Party (e.g. PACs) or Other Committees:$298,700
Contributions from Party Committees$0
Candidate Contribution:$63,735
Candidate Loans:$17,350,000
Other Loans:$0

Total Disbursements:$53,612,550
Transfers to Authorized Committees:$0
Individual Refunds:$781,483
Non-Party (e.g. PACs) or Other Refunds:$2,400
Candidate Loan Repayments:$0
Other Loan Repayments:$0

Beginning Cash:$0
Latest Cash On Hand:$9,216,517
Debts Owed By:$17,350,000

Rudy Giuliani

Total Receipts:$45,846,956
Transfers From Authorized Committees:$1,850,000
Individual Contributions:$43,457,397
Non-Party (e.g. PACs) or Other Committees:$259,691
Contributions from Party Committees$2,250
Candidate Contribution:$0
Candidate Loans:$0
Other Loans:$0

Total Disbursements:$30,211,662
Transfers to Authorized Committees:$0
Individual Refunds:$464,004
Non-Party (e.g. PACs) or Other Refunds:$2,600
Candidate Loan Repayments:$0
Other Loan Repayments:$0

Beginning Cash:$1,014,531
Latest Cash On Hand:$16,649,825
Debts Owed By:$169,255

Ron Paul

Total Receipts:$8,268,451
Transfers From Authorized Committees:$0
Individual Contributions:$8,229,810
Non-Party (e.g. PACs) or Other Committees:$10,798
Contributions from Party Committees$0
Candidate Contribution:$0
Candidate Loans:$0
Other Loans:$0

Total Disbursements:$2,824,785
Transfers to Authorized Committees:$0
Individual Refunds:$38,525
Non-Party (e.g. PACs) or Other Refunds:$0
Candidate Loan Repayments:$0
Other Loan Repayments:$0

Beginning Cash:$0
Latest Cash On Hand:$5,443,667
Debts Owed By:$0

21 October 2007

Help us start our Drop Zone.... $1 to $?...Anything will help :)

We are all helping Ron Paul raise money so that we can get him elected. So far we have raised fantastic amounts. I am going to ask all my friends, family and everyone else that might be even the slightest bit interested to donate whatever they can to help me start my Drop Zone. If you want more information, feel free to email me (I think my email is on here) or leave a comment with yours and I will happily give you more details. We are not looking to start big, and this is about the minimum we need to get this thing started.

17 October 2007

Take the PoliticalBase Who Should I vote for Quiz

Who should I vote for for president in 2008?

You match up well with...

Ron Paul - 65 match
Congrats, you have very socially conservative Libertarian...err... Republican points of view. Ron Paul, who is known in Washington as "Dr. No" because of consistently rejects proposals that do not adhere strictly to the original constitution, was once the Libertarian Party's pick for President till he changed sides a few years ago. He's a favorite of technologists and the Internet community mostly for his hands off approach to... well anything.
Dennis Kucinich - 65 match
Denis Kucinich, an Ohio congressman, is a far-left liberal democrat. He has the most extreme proposals for nearly every issue including creating a single-payer system of universal health care; an immediate withdrawal of all U.S. forces from Iraq and replacing them with an international security force; and guaranteeing quality education with free pre-kindergarten and college. He even wants to impeach Vice President Dick Cheney. Needless to say, Kucinich is a no-hope contender.
Mike Gravel - 57 match
Mike Gravel is your chosen candidate. He is a former senator from Alaska who is deeply left-wing and has spent his time since the Senate, which he left in 1980, in the private sector. His credited for his efforts in ending the draft following the Vietnam War and the release of the Pentagon Papers as well. He has been an outspoken proponent of direct democracy, gay rights, and even making it a felony to keep troops in Iraq. Gravel is bringing new ideas to the table but they are only attracting less than 1% of Democrats.
Take the test.

14 October 2007

Ron Paul is now a 'top-tier' candidate !!!

Donate $5 to Ron Paul by simply blogging this!
http://www.usaelectionpolls.com has written up a piece proving how Ron Paul was treated unfairly at the CNBC TV Debate the other day. He was so offened by such gross bias that he decided it was right to donate to Ron Paul in defiance.

I recommend going over there to check out their analysis, at the very least. If you'd like to do the "free" donate option:
Step 1: Repost this, or some variation of it, INCLUDING THE LINK TO THE ARTICLE, in your blog or maybe even the Myspace forums would qualify if you get there first. (I suspect there'd be no point in including that last part in your repost
Step 2: Email usaelectionpolls@gmail.com with the link etc.
The article: http://www.usaelectionpolls.com/2008/articles/ron-paul-silenced-at-cnbc-debate-transcript.html

I found this to be quite funny.

Click the Pic for full-size image

09 October 2007

littlegreenfootballs.com won'

As I wrote in the previous thread, Ron Paul is not included because his weird camp followers have demonstrated over and over that they’ll do anything to stack the results of internet polls.

07 October 2007

This is very true of Giuliani

For Rudy Giuliani, 9/11 is the answer. To almost anything, it seems.

After all, it's why America fell in love with him on that darkest of days, when the mayor was the only person on TV reassuring the nation. It's why he's the Republican front-runner for President.

"For me, every day is an anniversary of Sept. 11," he said in Florida last month.

READ MORE HERE (opens in new tab/window)

CNN debates US foreign policy on the world

Listen to this young guy "Ben", he is completely clueless as to what is going on not only in the world today, but in our history. He doesn't want to hear that the actions of the USA around the world because of our foreign policy might, just might cause people to not want us in their countries. The guy is so clueless it is almost comical.

Sadly my friends, this is the kind of person that we are up against. The kind of person that screams "Them there muslims is Crazy" and just simply doesn't get the truth of the matter.

How can WE as Ron Paul supporters work to educate these people as to what is going on and the reasons for people disliking us?

I would suggest that if you haven't already, that you start by reading the 9/11 Commission report. It is located HERE (PDF)

05 October 2007

An Introduction to Ron Paul

Watch this and then Click Here to learn more. [http://www.ronpaulintro.com]

A cornucopia of Ron Paul related Links

Yard Signs (White):
( http://www.ronpaul2008store.com/servlet/Detail?category=Signs&no=18&searchpath

Bulk Pricing: 2-24 for $5.00/each, 25-49 for
$4.00/each, 50-99 for $3.00/each, 100+ for $2.50/each.

Yard Signs (Blue):
( http://www.ronpaul2008store.com/servlet/Detail?category=Signs&no=19&searchpath

Bulk Pricing: 2-24 for $5.00/each, 25-49 for
$4.00/each, 50-99 for $3.00/each, 100+ for $2.50/each.

Door Hangers:
( http://cgi.ebay.com/1000-Ron-Paul-Hope-for-America-Door-Hangers_W0QQitemZ33016

1000 for $80

All the info I could find other than printing them

Vertical Yard Signs:
( http://www.ronpaulstickers.com/vertical_sign.html )
100 for $49
400 for $156

Make your own Yard
Signs: ( http://www.yard-signs.biz/printer/chyardsigns.html

Flyers: ( http://dailypaul.com/node/1928 )Email: -
frank@papergraphics.biz or Call: 603-880-1835
4 John Tyler St.
Merrimack, NH 03054Handouts are 5.5 x 8.5" (1000 min. order required)We are taking credit card orders and will ship via UPS, ASAP....1000= 79.00? + shipping $13
2000= 130.00 + shipping $19
3000= 189.00 + shipping $35
4000= 240.00 + shipping $45
5000= 285.00 + shipping $55
Other stuff I found:

==============OFFICIAL MATERIALS==============
All the official campaign materials can be found
The rest of the materials listed are solo projects by
active members:

Reprints of Ron Paul Articles from Ron Paul Library http://ronpaullibrary.org/reprints.php

High content, Double sided Full Page color: (for bathroom stalls, windshields)http://www.sportsworddaily.com/ronpaul/Flyer%20Full.pdf

High content Color Tri-Fold: (for public handout -- pocket/purse friendly)http://www.sportsworddaily.com/ronpa...20Tri-Fold.pdf

Humorous -- The Top 10 Reasons Not to Vote for Ron Paul:

Humorous -- Ron Paul's Talking Points (The Bill of Rights)http://micahnelson.com/talkingpoints.pdf

10 Page booklet (recreation of RP Wiki Entry)
Just Who Is Ron Paul? (Black & White 1 Page)PDF

1 Nice poster, with several versions tailored to

===========MEDIA - DVD, CD===========
Complete DVD by RohanT available via Bit

The 'Ron Paul Video Revolution' DVD project (Thx
Gigaplex & Others):

Direct Links To Torrent of July 06 Version of 'Ron Paul Video
Revolution' DVD:
From mininova:

And, the CD by Exponent, described, and with link, here:

One Dollar DVD ProjectChoose from 3 Ron Paul DVD's sent to your home for $1 a piece:

===========================WEB MEDIA - LOGOS, BUTTONS, BANNERS===========================

Lots of web graphics, banners, and buttons (for websites, myspace, or email signatures):

Embeddable Ron Paul Nation Television 24/7 (MySpace, websites, blogs)

=============================VARIOUS MEDIA LISTS HOSTED ELSEWHERE=============================

HUGE Resource of flyers, photos, brochures, posters, and more @ yahoo group Ron Paul Graphics:

List of flyers & Doorhangers @ RonPaulHQ:

Cartoons, images, flyers, banners, video:

========================SUPER CHEAP, BUT NOT FREE STUFF========================
Paul MOSAIC/Constitution half page color glossy (AMES newspaper ad rework):

$2 T-SHIRT -- As a promotion, this site offers a $2 T-shirt with an image you upload:

REWORKED LIBERTY CARD -- Excellent 2 sided color business card (great for credit card slots on gas pumps)

FULL COLOR, 2 SIDED FLYERS PRINTED HERE: (a little over $500 for minimum order of 10,000:

Order Ron Paul Stamps for Dollar Bills:

so I didn't have to post a whole bunch of images here:

Ron Paul Girl Videos

Ron Paul Girl - video powered by Metacafe

Ron Paul Girl - Worker Bee? - video powered by Metacafe

Ron Paul Girl - Register Now! - video powered by Metacafe

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In New Hampshire and New York, you only have until Oct. 12th to Register as a republican so that you can vote in the Republican Primary to help get Ron Paul elected as President. Go to http://www.ronpaulnation.com/register to learn how and do it today!

Good Morning America - Ron Paul Interview (upcoming)

Dr. Ron Paul will be interviewed live tomorrow morning (Saturday, Oct. 6) at 7:09 ET on ABC's Good Morning America.

Ron Paul on The Radio (Alex Jones Show I believe)

Like what Ron Paul has to say? Check him out on the radio by clicking the following link directly to the mp3 on Prison Planet
Ron Paul on the Radio (opens in a new window)

Ron Paul @ the Iowa Straw Poll

Like "The View"? Ron Paul gets them talking on the show.

Ron Paul at the Fourth GOP Presidential Debate

1983: Ron Paul debates Charles Partee Of Federal Reserve Board Parts 1-7

Ron Paul Videos from YouTube