16 December 2007

And the donations keep pouring in...

We have now surpassed the $18 million mark!!!! It is completely awesome. I made a post earlier today (I think it was still last night for me, since I work until midnight PST), in which i said I believed we could hit $20 million by midnight PST. While that is officially after the end of the 24 hour period for which we are talking about the Tea Party, I still think this is possible, and the way the donations keep coming in, I wouldn't be at all surprised if we hit close to $20 million by midnight PST.

Looking at the chart throughout the day all day long today, while I think it is possible to do so, I am not sure it is likely. In all likelyhood, I believe we will hit $18.5 million or maybe $19 million. However, lets all continue to talk to our friends, family, neighbors, enemies and anyone else we meet and share the good news of what we have accomplished today, and if we can afford it, let's all donate again, whether it is $1 or $2300 the amount doesn't matter, just donate whatever you can and let's try to get that $20 million mark by midnight PST!!!

Personally, I think that the 24 hour period for these fundraising days should start at midnight EST and end at Midnight PST. While that is not a true 24 hour period, it makes more sense to me, even though I cannot logically explain why. No matter though, let's keep those donations rolling in and hit $20 million ASAP! $20,000,000 would be an amazing number to see on the Official Website!

Come on now everyone. Let's digg a little deeper and sacrifice tomorrows latté and pack of smokes (or whatever frivolous thing we would normally spend some of our hard earned cash on) and hit that $20 million mark.

Let us also reflect on what we have accomplished today, and pat ourselves on the back, but not too much, because there is still a ton of work to do to make sure we win these caucuses and primaries!!! As a comparison though I thought that you all would be interested in seeing the difference between the media's "Top-Tier" candidate, Huckabee and a real Top-Tier Candidate, Ron Paul. So without further adieu I bring you the graph of Ron Paul vs. Mike Huckabee for December:

3½ hours; $3.5 million

Let's hit that $20 million mark people! We have 3½ hours to raise $3.5 million dollars. This will make us hit the $20 million mark. We can do it. Dig deep and tell your friends. Tell your family, Hell, tell people you don't like. let's get them as excited and motivated as we are to hit the $20 million mark!

This IS achievable, look at everything we have accomplished so far. Ron Paul has the strongest ground crew of any campaign, we have placed more signs around the country, we have the numbers, let's jump on this and do the right thing for Dr. Paul!

Merry Christmas Dr. Paul! We're going to hit $20 million for you!

$16 million and counting

That's right, We just hit the $16 million mark. It is not only great, but beautiful! There have been 108,887 donors so far this quarter, 16,886 of which are new donors this week alone!!! With that, we have also broken the record for what we raised in the last money bomb! It is truly exciting in the Ron Paul camp!

With that said, I would like to extend my personal thanks to all of you that are donating. Who am I? I am a nobody, just a regular citizen like yourself, but I feel that we all owe each other a big pat on the back, however, don't be so fast with that back patting.

On the West Coast, we have 7.5 hours til "our" midnight and 4.5 hours left on the east coast. Let's do our best to really ramp this thing up some more and pony up a little more each. I have just made my 3rd donation today, and while they are not as large as some, they are actually more than I can afford right now, but I am sacrificing a few things I can live without for 4 days until payday to make sure I give as much as possible to Dr. Paul's campaign.

Let's make this happen. Let's dedicate ourselves, our group, our movement to raising $1 million or more per hour every hour until midnight on both coasts! This will not only be a huge amount of money, it will be a grassroots tour de force and it will help ensure that our man is plastered all over every news station and website around the world.

Come on Everybody, let's all digg deep for that extra few bucks, pick up the cushions on your sofa, take all your change to a coinstar machine, take your aluminum cans and newspapers to a recycling place, whatever it takes! Let's get Ron Paul over $20 million tonight!

If you haven't donated yet, please take a minute and do so now by CLICKING HERE

Ron Paul vs. Huckabee et al.

Check this out fellow Ron Paul supporters:

The new Presidential "media darling" Mike Huckabee has set a goal of $1,150,000 for December. His current total as of December 16th at 9:58am PST is 1,157,098.18. And they call this guy the "Front-Runner", call him a "Top-Tier" Candidate? Give me a break.

Let's take a look at the REAL Front-Runner, the REAL top-tier Candidate for President. The man that has a following so incredibly large that the media and the other Candidates can't even comprehend it. That's right, I am talking about Rudy Giuliani...OK not really, I am talking about Barack Obama. Again, just kidding, he is apparently having trouble fundraising as well. He is now asking for people to Match someone elses first donation.

Who I am talking about is, of course, Ron Paul, the next President of The United States. In Just 12 hours we have brought in OVER DOUBLE the amount that the beleaguered Huckabee campaign has brought in for the whole month. The Giuliani campaign is in trouble as well. It is falling out of the sky like a jet without engines, Romney is doing so bad that he has to continually "loan" his campaign more and more money just to stay afloat ($17 million on the 11th from what I understand). What about McCain, well he is also on the way out.

The media can no longer deny that Ron Paul is the Real Deal. He is the only one that can beat Hillary or Obama or any of the Democrats for that matter.

At the time of this post, some 15 minutes after I started writing this (I was also talking on the phone, etc., yes I know this isn't a 15 minute article LOL), Ron Paul's total has went up another $113,000.

I bet Huckabee, Giuliani, McCain, Romney, Clinton, Obama and all the others are opening that bottle of JJD and taking a big drink right now. They Iknow they cannot win against someone like Ron Paul. They are scared and they don't know what to do.

Take a minute out of your time today and:


$2.25± million in 9 hours

The R3VOLution is in full swing and we have raised right about $2.25 million in 9 hours. Donation speed will pick up over the rest of the day and we are on track at this rate to bring in a cool $6 million. I am predicting that people will digg deep though and push that total to $10 million. What I would like to see however (and it is certainly do-able is a one day total of:

$13 Million

If you haven't donated already, take a few minutes out of your busy schedule, sacrifice that Latté you were going to buy, those sodas that you just can't live without. Sacrifice your morning doughnuts, McDonalds food, your evening out at the club partying or whatever you really like but can go one day without and take however much that would be, whether it is $1 or $100 or more and


Let's show the shady Pollsters, yes I am talking to you Frank Luntz, Naysayers like Boll O'Reilly et al. that it is NOT they that tell the citizens of this great country who will be our next President, but it is WE, THE PEOPLE that decide who will be our next president whether or not they agree.



EDIT I guess that is 12 hours. I forgot it started at midnight EASTERN Time :/ Obvously I am on the West Coast

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