26 January 2008

Fundraising: The difference between Huckabee and Paul

I find the fundraising totals interesting when it comes to upcHuckabee and Ron Paul.

I took a screenshot of each of their websites as of about 5 mins ago and this is what I see....

Mike Huckabee is trying to bring in $10mil by Feb 5th (Super Tuesday) and is currently sitting at around 2.75m. Ron Paul on the other hand is trying to raise $5mil by the same date for a "Boost" to the campaign and is currently sitting at 3.49m

Feb 5 is not that far away. 10 days to be exact. This means that while Mike "The Huckster" upcHuckabee needs to raise ~$700k/day, Ron Paul needs only to raise $150k/day to meet his goal.

While I can't seriously believe that Huckabee will meet his goal, I do believe that Ron Paul's goal is definitely within reach. I also realize that a lot of us have already donated the maximum of $2300 to the campaign, and I wish that I had that kind of money to give, because I gladly would if I could afford it.

Anyway, I will be making a donation of as much as I can afford after I make my house payment, and I urge all of my fellow Ron Paul supporters that haven't maxed out their donations to donate as well.

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