17 December 2007

CNN Covering Ron Paul

Tucker Carlson Interview with Kent Snyder

$25m by Dec 25th?

Well, here I am thinking again. We are at $18 million, $7 million shy of $25 million ($6.9m really, but who is counting ;) )

What would it take to get $25 million on the books by Dec 25th? Does anyone think that we can accomplish this? We accomplished $6 million in 24 hours, surely we can repeat that $6 million in 8 days after the press puts it all over the news tomorrow and we get thousands of new donors again, no?

Well it is just an Idea I came up with. I am calling it 25x25 or 25bythe25th, whatever...lemme know what you think and if anyone is good at doing this whole organization thing and getting it promoted, well I think it would be neat.

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