15 December 2007

Is Ron Paul the $20million dollar man?

629989.08 in the first 2 hours of Tea Party '07. That is a lot of cash in a short time!

If we extrapolate that out and assume that donations merely stay steady for the remainder of the day, we can make an educated guess that We will raise a grand total of $7,559868.96 for the day, a truly record breaking day! HOWEVER, it would be unsafe to assume that donations will stay steady over the course of the day as evidenced by the graph at

It is clear that however donations start, they only increase over the course of the day. In the first 2 hours of the Nov. 5th event, we raised approximately $250,000. We have already raised 2.5x that today in the first 2 hours. We could extrapolate that out to $4.3m x 2.5 and come up with $10,750,000 for the day, this would be only $750,000± less than we started with.

It is my personal opinion that we can RAISE $13 million today and put our 4th quarter total at $24± million by the end of the day. That would certainly make even the staunchest nay sayer stand up and take notice.

Let's do this. Let's all dig deep and Make Dr. Paul's Christmas extra special by making his total for the 4th Quarter over $24 million!


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