02 November 2007

Mmmmm..... Skydiving

OK people, as you all know my girlfriend and I are trying to open a Drop Zone in our area. This is an expensive endeavor and quite honestly, I could use some help. I created a "Chip-In" and have posted it on Digg, with abysmal results to date..

So, I thought it time I add some more information and post the link to help us out again. I know this is an odd way of trying to raise the money to start a business, but what the heck. Each dollar we raise through chip-in will be returned to the chip-in community by us donating to other chip-ins once the business is up and running. Not a bad deal I think.

So what is this "more information" you mentioned Zag?

Well, I now have the logo for the business, or at least a potential logo to show everyone. The name depends on what the girlfriend thinks and perhaps there is a better name as well? Hmmm, a Contest! What a interesting idea. For each $20 you donate, you will be allowed to submit a potential business name and/or logo that will be looked at by myself and my girlfriend and voted upon. If we decide to use it, we will use the first $1000 that we give out to the Chip-In or Charity of your choice. Not a bad deal! Additionally, we will be posting all of the potentials on the business website as well as the name of every person who helped to make this possible.

If we choose a logo that you created, in addition to the $1000 we will donate on your behalf to either Chip-In or a Charity, you will be given a Gift Certificate for a free tandem skydive at our business. And to further sweeten the pot, the person who donates the most will be given a gift certificate for a free tandem skydive at our place of business as well.

So, without further adieu, here is the idea:

We would love to hear your thoughts on the potential name and logo, and see you submit some of your own.

Here are the Chip-In Details

Here's a Video of me having some fun trying to learn to Sit Fly and getting to do my First (BEER!) Canopy Stack:

1) If we don't raise $150,000 then we will use the money to help get a loan to start the business. In this case we would need to raise only $30,000

2) If we do not raise enough to start the business either with the full amount, or via the contributions plus a loan, we will refund all money contributed either directly or via Chip-In (whichever you choose)

3) If we cannot start the business, Skdiving Gift Certificate offer is not valid, because we would have no way to accomidate your skydive

4) I think I covered the scenarios there, but if I didn't cover every poential, it should be known that this is a serious venture. If we are unable to open the business no gift certificates will be given, and contributions will be returned to those that contributed or put into another chip-in based on your preference.

5) As of today, here are approximately 6 months left in this Chip-In. We need to raise approximately $800/day to reach our goal. if we can get 10,000 people, that is ONLY $.08/dayper person or approximately $15 per person over the course of 6 months. It is NOT that much. At 1,000 people, that is $.83/day or $25/month or $150/person over the course of 6 months. We CAN do this, the goal is small in comparison to other goals that we have set as Ron Paul Supporters. If we can raise 2.5million in a month for Ron Paul, raising $150k in 6 months should be a piece of cake.

Vote Ron Paul 2008! Let's not only get Dr. Paul elected as President, but let's help each other out in business endeavors as well.

Thanks for Reading and all contributions, no matter the size are sincerely welcomed and apprecaited!

Kind Regards,

Greg (AKA Zag)

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